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June 3, 2021

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Your kiddo is exploring everything around the house. Such a fun thing to watch. You can’t help but smiling when looking at his little legs walking around, his chubby fingers touching everything and his round eyes.

But your home is not safe enough that you can let him do whatever he wants freely. There are dangerous hazards for babies at home, that can harm them, sometimes even do worse.

Being a toddler who is curious with everything, your kiddo puts everything in his mouth first. He can chew and choke on home appliances, and if you don’t watch him carefully, sometimes it can be too late to fix the problem. 

Accidents can happen in less than a second! So you say to yourself, “I will go to the bathroom for 1 minute, nothing is gonna happen.” because it might, and if it does,... well, I don’t even dare to say it. 

In this article, I am going to list down a few most common dangerous hazards for babies at home, and your job is to beware so that you can prevent accidents. 

Dangerous hazards for babies at home


Many medicines have bright colors that can attract babies’ attention. You need to put all types of medicines out of your baby’s reach.

For extra safety, invest in a medical box and put all medicines, first aid into that box and keep it at a safe, out-of-their-reach place.

Cleaning tablets

You might have cleaning tablets around the house for your appliances such as dish-washing tablets, soap tablets, laundry tablets, etc.

Sometimes these tablets are formed in small and colorful tablets that are attractive. Your kid might want to taste or swallow it. This can lead to serious poisoning..

Button batteries

Button batteries are small, shining and extremely appealing to babies. Button batteries can cause major injury and even death when swallowed or stuck in a child's nose or ear.

This is one of the most dangerous hazards for babies at home. And these are found in almost every single remote control, keys and some toys. According to Healthy Children, thousands of children are treated in emergency departments each year after ingesting button or lithium coin batteries.

Make sure you check the battery covers often. Seal them, tape them or wrap them when they come loose. 

For extra button batteries, keep them in a separate container and out of your kiddo’s reach.

Cleaning products

dangerous hazards for babies at home

Even just a small amount of cleaning products, like dish-washing liquid or detergent can cause serious injuries or even death to adults. Imagine what they could do to your babies. This is another one of the most common dangerous hazards for babies at home.

All parents or caregivers need to be conscious and keep those cleaning products in their original containers, always close the lids and keep them out of babies’ reach.

Electrical outlets, electrical wires, household electrical appliances

dangerous hazards for babies at home

These things are everywhere. And they are the most dangerous hazards for babies at home. Many children go to an emergency room every year due to them.

Kids can accidentally touch the electrical outlets, or trip over the wires. They can get electric shock or worse when it happens. Fortunately, parents can make precautions to prevent it from happening.

Again, don’t tell yourself “nothing is gonna happen”. Because electric accidents happen.

Ideally, you should create a safe playroom where all electrical outlets, wires and appliances are safely wrapped and covered to make sure your toddlers cannot touch.

Besides, drive your toddler’s attention to other fun and interesting games or toys so that he won’t find the fun with those dangerous hazards for babies at home. Check out some of my developmental games here as suggestions.


Not only cleaning products are dangerous but so are cosmetics. Cosmetics can cause poisoning to your kid if swallowed. 

Therefore, keep your cosmetics away from your baby.

Indoor trees

Yes it is nice, pretty and relaxing to look at the indoor trees. But there are many trees containing poison that can cause allergies, rashes or even death if swallowed.

If your trees are perfectly safe, there is a risk that your toddler plays and eats the soil. Small rocks and stones can be an issue too.

Sharp objects 

Sharp objects around the house, such as table corners, chair corners, wardrobe, bed corners, etc. are very dangerous hazards for babies at home.

If your child falls and hits these sharp objects, they can get hurt badly. Therefore, make sure you baby-proof the corners of those things.

Check out some corner and edge guards.

TV counter

You cannot always stop your toddler from climbing up everything like the couch or the TV counter. But with your baby’s weight, the TV can fall down if the TV counter shakes.

Try to put your TV in a stable position, on the wall or on top of a very heavy and rigid TV counter. Do the same thing with bookshelves and other appliances. 


dangerous hazards for babies at home

Eliquid is the substance inserted into a vape pen which gives vapour its flavour and nicotine (if the vapor is using nicotine e-liquids). Even the smallest dose of nicotine e-liquid can kill a baby.

Many people opt for vape pens instead of cigarettes, and e-liquid can have different flavor, smell and colors. They are often stored in attractive containers, which are mysterious boxes for kids. And they are also named as one of the most dangerous hazards for babies at home. Make sure your kid never touches these.

Final thought

It is a fun, interesting period as your baby is exploring the world. But it can be dangerous if your home is not a safe haven.

Through the list of some common dangerous hazards for babies at home, make sure you spend some time to take a look and baby-proof your house.

Let’s create a safe place for your little one.

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