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May 26, 2020

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Don’t you just get frustrated when your baby doesn’t follow your books? Like you got plenty of books and they describe all kinds of babies, but your baby is still unique, you cannot reconcile with any book.

Don’t you just envy so damn much when other people’s babies are nap-lovers? They love to sleep and they sleep long enough for their moms to get some rest while your baby is like a vampire and sucks all the energy out of your soul.

Your baby wants you to carry him and rock back and forth to sleep, then when you try to put him down, BAAMM, his eyes open wide and he starts crying. You repeat this damn long process until your back is killing you, and you look like a vampire yourself!

Shit, I hear you.

Your baby wants to be picked up? Check.

Your baby catnaps? Check.

Your baby falls asleep on the breast and wakes up when you put him down? Check.

Your baby likes to wake up and play at night? Check.

You try swaddling but it doesn’t work its charm? Check. 

When my baby was 4 months old, nothing seemed to work anymore. No swaddle, no pacifier, no doo-doo, no favorite toys. He wanted my attention, all the time.

Ethan liked to sleep while I was holding him

Then we got something for him: a special suit, and it worked! If you are frustrated and you are willing to give it a try, here’s my baby magic sleepsuit review for you.

Baby Merlin’s magic sleepsuit review: Features

The Magic Sleepsuit has a soft, breathable jersey cotton inner layer, a soft microfleece or cotton outer layer, and a layer of polyfill in between for just enough comfort. 

The material is stiffer and thicker that can hold your baby’s arms and legs still. It provides your baby with a cozy and calming sleep environment that will become a consistent part of their sleep routine.

At this age, many baby’s struggle with the startle reflex and may startle themselves awake. The stiff material allows flexibility while also keeping your baby’s startles from being too “intense”.

This baby magic sleepsuit comes in 2 different materials: fleece or cotton. The fleece one is very thick and warm, and is a perfect sleepsuit for winter. The cotton one is thin, light and breathable, good for warmer seasons.

Baby magic sleepsuit review: How does it help our baby?

This baby merlin’s magic sleepsuit was given to us before Ethan was born, but we let it stay at the bottom of his closet because we didn’t believe in it.

Then one afternoon Ethan refused to go to sleep, even though he desperately needed one. We tried the cry-it-out method for 40 minutes, it was such a f’king long 40 minutes, but it didn’t work either.

Out of desperation, we put this one for him.

It gave him the feeling of being secure, and that we were holding him. So he stopped crying. And he fell asleep, after 5 minutes.

And he stayed sleeping, until 2 hours later.

My husband and I looked at each other’s face in surprise, because we couldn’t believe it.

Baby magic sleepsuit review: is it hard to wean off?

Many parents don’t want to introduce any sleeping gear to their babies as they are concerned about weaning them off later.

Here’s where the baby magic sleepsuit got you covered. It comes in 2 different sizes, to grow with your baby until he is up to 9 months. When he is ready to sleep on his own, without sleeping gears, you can easily stop putting it on for him.

My son Ethan didn’t have any problem with it. Until he was 8 months old, he was ready to roll over and crawl all over the bed before going to sleep, and he likes to sleep with his butt up in the air. We just stopped using the suit at once, and with a good sleeping habit he has, he continues to sleep well.

Baby magic sleepsuit review: safety tips

Your baby hasn’t developed his system just yet, and he cannot reduce his temperature as effectively as adults.

While the baby magic sleepsuit is a great suit, it can be quite warm for your baby.

Make sure you get the right one (fleece or cotton) at the right temperature. Constantly check your baby’s and belly to make sure he is not overheating.

Final thought

This Baby Merlin’s magic sleepsuit worked handsomely for us, and although our son was smart enough to refuse to stay alone to sleep sometimes, mostly he fell asleep quickly in it.

Then we got to enjoy our dinner and recover some energy for the next day.

Again, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all babies. This suit might work for other babies but not for you and vice versa. Give it a try if you are also a tired and frustrated mom who wants to free her nipple for a few hours a day.

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