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July 21, 2020

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Your little baby loves her doll, doesn’t she?

She changes the doll into many different sets of clothes, combs its hair, takes it with her everywhere, talks to it and role-plays with it.

In her role play, she is a mom and her doll is a little baby. She tries to mimic everything you do.

Awww, so cute. Your little baby is trying to act like an adult.

You have a stroller for your baby, and sometimes your baby tries to put her doll in it and stroll around. But the stroller is too big for her, out of her arm’s reach and can cause some dangerous situations.

Instead of constantly telling her “no”, you can give her a baby doll stroller to use. This eliminates the risk of her getting hurt with the real stroller while keeping her busy.

It’s a win-win situation.

We know that at the age of 2, your little one is still not a very steady walker. Therefore, the baby doll stroller needs to provide some support to your toddler.

In this article, not only we will introduce some best baby doll strollers for 2 year old babies, but we will also go through thousands of reviews and interview many moms, to help you make the right decision.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Why should I allow my baby to play with dolls and baby doll strollers?

As you can see, when I refer to your baby in this article, I use the word “her”. Not that it is because only girls play with dolls, but a lot of moms will find letting boys play with dolls a little bit “not right”.

But hey, let’s not being sexist. Or worse, teach your children such a thing.

In fact, all kids, girls and boys, benefit greatly from playing with dolls, and of course, any doll-related toys, such as baby dolls strollers.

Social skills

When your kids play with dolls, they will learn how to take care of one another. Later in life, when encounter with other people, your kids will know how to communicate and cooperate with them.

Responsibility and empathy

Learning important social skills at an early age helps kids to become responsible. They will quickly learn to care for their siblings and other people. 

Especially if being given a task, such as watch their younger siblings while mommy is busy, they can even take it up a notch, by staring that their siblings non-stop until mommy free them from the task.

Playing with dolls also teaches them to empathize with those around them and allows them to grow up into caring people.


There is no way you can play with the dolls, dress them up, talk to them and feed them without imagining they are people. This is exactly what happens inside your baby’s brain. 

This, in turn, boosts their creativity to a different level.


When playing with dolls and their friends, kids open up their language by making unique scenes for the games and try how to react with it. Communicating between children is always the best thing to strengthen their vocabulary and language skills.

Things to consider when choosing the best baby doll strollers for 2 year old babies

How well can your toddler walk? Does your toddler still needs some assistance for walking?

Now that if you intend to buy your little one a baby doll stroller, you need to consider a thing or two. As there is no way you can keep your baby’s hands off the stroller, make sure the baby doll stroller is perfect for them.

First off, how well can your toddler walk? Can she walk on her own, or still wobble?

If your baby still needs some assistance, then the best baby doll stroller for 2 year old babies will be the one that does not have the risk of running too quickly and make your kid trip.

But if your baby can walk well, a baby doll stroller for a big kid can work just fine. 

Does it have some room to put some snacks or a diaper for your toddler?

With such a cool accessory, your little one will definitely want to take it out for a walk, like a real dad or real mom. So instead of carrying an extra bag for some snacks for your kid, it would be great if the stroller can do the job for you.

Child safety: can it collapse and hurt your baby’s fingers?

Some baby doll strollers come with the completely-folding feature, allowing you to fold them back completely. Just make sure that the strollers won’t collapse while your kids are playing and getting hurt.

Best baby doll strollers for 2 year old babies.

best baby doll stroller for 2 year old

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker

The first one baby doll stroller in our list is the one that is for wobbling babies as it is sturdy and able to lend support. It features a wide base and an easy-grasp handle to assist young walkers. 

To encourage your baby to walk, the music plays when your baby walks along or when she presses on the bear’s belly. 

This Fisher-Price stroller is a small entertainment center for kids, as it also includes spinners, a roller bar and a flipbook. What’s more, if your baby wants to stroll a friend instead of the doll, she is free to do so as the stroller is spacious.

The stroller is light, only 5.51 lbs and it can be used for babies that are from 9 months old.

What other parents think: pros

It is sturdy and provides good support for little walkers. It doesn’t tip over when babies hold onto it to stand up. The music is short and not too loud. The button on the bear is attractive, the look is adorable and their babies love it! It makes a great gift for a birthday present.

What other parents think: cons

The stroller’s wheels turn too fast for wobbling babies. Some standard dolls do not fit in the stroller. It has 8 pieces to be put together with different sizes of screws, so if you are not very handy, you can lose some patience while building it. 

Hape Babydoll Stroller Toddler Wooden Doll Play Furniture

The Hape baby doll stroller is made from solid wood that features durable child-safe paint finish, which means it is free from toxic and other chemical materials. The Company claims that, “All Hape products sold in North America meet or exceed all applicable safety standards”. The Hape baby doll stroller is light and at the average height for young toddlers.

Note that the manufacturer’s recommended age to use this stroller is from 3 years old up as it contains small parts. However, the only small part is the screws and if you frequently check them, you are fine.

What other parents think: pros

It has a cute and simple look while providing some support for babies. The size is good for many sizes of dolls. The cloth is also easy to change if you prefer a different color.

What other parents think: cons

Some parents complain that the wheels fall off easily and as there is no bar to hold the dolls, the dolls slide right out of the stroller. It is also quite pricey compared with similar strollers.

The Buddy Stroller by Lovevery - Wooden Toy Doll Stroller for Pretend Play

A little more pricier choice for the best baby doll stroller for 2 year old babies is the Buddy Stroller by Lovevery. It is made with sustainably forested wood and cheery organic cotton, which means it is good for the environment and friendly for the most sensitive skin. In particular, it features only baby-safe materials.

It can be folded to save room for the house with the collapsed height of 24.5 inches. When open, the height is 20.5 inches, which is the average height for normal toddlers.

It is very light, only 3 lbs and is recommended to use for toddlers from 12 months old. 

What other parents think: pros

Apparently, there are a lot of toddlers who show high awareness for sustainability and the environment (yes, we all agree that our kids are way smarter and kinder than us), as many toddlers seem to love and support this stroller. Parents also love it, they say that it is sturdy and easy to assemble with beautiful design.

What other parents think: cons

The seat is shallow and doesn’t keep the dolls in very well. The belt is way too long, even for real babies.

My First Doll Stroller Denim for Baby Doll

This is one of the best baby doll stroller for 2 year old that is loved by both toddlers and parents with its strong look and color. In fact, it is even like a real stroller, so that your little baby can play the pretending game and feel like a big girl/ boy.

It is made with top quality material with a perfect height, handle and canopy to take the game up a notch. It features an under-seat storage basket, so that you can even put a diaper or some snack in it. 

It is only less than 2 lbs, and easy to fold.

What other parents think: pros

The stroller is cute and well made. It is built for an 18-inch doll but smaller size dolls still fit right it. It is very affordable and with strong design.

What other parents think: cons

Some parents say that because the stroller is too light, it flies up when their kids put a little bit of pressure to the handle. It is small for some toddlers.

The New York Doll Collection My First Doll Stroller with Basket & Heart Design Foldable Doll Stroller

This is one of the most popular baby doll stroller for 2 year old kids. The baby doll stroller is made of top quality fabric in pink color with beautiful heart designs. It is very light, only 2 lbs so that your kid can get full control of it. 

The wheels of this pink stroller are easy to maneuver for kids and let them fully enjoy the moment. the wheels will not leave marks on your floor.However, because of its lightweight, if your baby puts pressure on the handle, the wheels might fly up.

It is foldable like a real stroller. Product Dimensions: 20.5 x 10 x 20.5 inches and it fits up to 18 inches dolls.

It also includes a large basket so you or your girl can carry something in. It is very affordable.

What other parents think: pros

The stroller is at the perfect size for 2 year old babies. It is very sturdy and provides great support. The under the seat basket is great for babies to carry all their little treasures around the house. 

What other parents think: cons

The stroller is fairly flimsy and the tires wear out quickly. It is quite small in compared with other baby doll strollers.

Hauck Love Heart Doll Pram

This stroller looks almost like an adult stroller, with canopy, under seat basket and adjustable handle. It can change the height up to 28 inches and the handle can be shifted back to front and vice versa.

It is sturdy and maneuverable. Tested with all safety certifications, this stylish carriage's easy-swivel 4-wheeled construction offers excellent and smooth mobility, allowing your child to enjoy a safe and effortless control. It also features a storage basket at the bottom to hold toys, other accessories and spare clothes. 

This baby doll stroller by Hauck features a very kid-friendly pattern of multicolored polka dots over a pink base hue, making it a great birthday gift. It is recommended to use for babies who are at least 18 months old.

What other parents think: pros

It is great to use for a long time as it can adjust the height to fit bigger kids. It comes with two cute self-refillable bottles that can amaze kids.

What other parent think: cons

It is quite hard for babies to convert the stroller into a buggy and vice versa. Some parents complain that it is small for their kids even the kids are 2 years old.

Precious Toys Jogger Hot Pink Doll Stroller, Black Foam Handles and Hot Pink Frame -

The baby doll stroller is made from high quality metal, plastic and fabric. It has a foldable hood, seatbelts and under the seat basket. The folding and unfolding is easy. 

The wheels are solid and smooth and won’t leave any marks on a wooden floor. It is easy to install as it comes assembled, all you need to do is to add the wheels.

It can fit a 18-inch doll. It is only 3 lbs and is recommended for toddlers from 18 months old up.

What other parents think: pros

It is simple to build, fold and comes in bright colors. Very sturdy.

What other parents think: cons

The cloth is not very strong and well made, it comes apart quickly. Easy to open and fold but kids can get their fingers pinched while doing so. It is quite small too,

Badger Basket Folding Double Front-to-Back Doll Stroller (fits American Girl Dolls), Pink/White

This Badger Basket folding doll stroller is the more premium baby doll stroller. It features a canopy, a large storage basket, fully reclining seats and height adjustable handle. Badger Basket’s Folding Double Doll Front-to-Back Stroller is the perfect stroller for kids with twin or sibling dolls or two stuffed animals that go everywhere together. 

It is made with metal, plastic, fabric, and EVA, fits dolls up to 18 inches. Overall assembled dimensions 26 inches W x 15 inches D x 30.5 inches H. Highest handle height is 30.5 inches H and Lowest height 18 inches H. 

What other parents think: pros

For a double stroller, it is very affordable and the quality is good. It is easy to assemble and no tool is required. However, it is a bit tall for a 2 year old kid.

What other parents think: cons

Sometimes the wheels do not function correctly. The dolls keep sliding off the seat because there is no strap.

Baby Alive Classic Pram Doll

Doll pram is a classic style pram with a modern twist displaying fun, vibrant colors for little mommies and their dolls. The Baby Alive Pram Doll features a foldable steel tube frame with retractable canopy and a large shopping basket. It also has a removable carry cot to convert to a bed. 

It fits dolls up to 18 inches. It is lightweight, only 3 lbs. The maximum height is 24.8 inches.

The manufacturer’s recommended age is 3 years old.

What other parents think: pros

It is sturdy enough for 2 year old toddlers. It is affordable with cute designs. It is easy to assemble and stable. 

What other parents think: cons

The under the seat basket hangs quite low to the ground. Sometimes it doesn’t move easily.

Joovy Toy Doll Caboose Tandem Stroller - Pink Dot

Kids love this attractive, high-quality toy replica of the popular caboose stand-on tandem stroller. The Joovy Toy Doll stroller is a deluxe doll stroller that has super realistic details. It features a doll car seat carrier system and snack tray. The front seat with fully adjustable 5-point harness, 2 position footrest and padded handles for comfort. It also has a rear platform and seat to accommodate two dolls or stuffed toys, removable canopy, two position footrest, and storage basket.

It is quite heavy for a 2 year old baby: 14 lbs, but it also provides great support and is very sturdy for little walker. It is recommended to use for babies from 2 years old up.

What other parents think: pros

It is at the great height for bigger kids, even for an 8 years old. The design is cute and very realistic looking. The set up is easy as most parts of the stroller is already assembled. 

What other parents think: cons

As it is very heavy and sturdy, it can be troublesome for little toddlers to turn and maneuver. Therefore, some babies get frustrated while playing with it.

Final thought

Hopefully, now you have a better view of all the best baby doll stroller for 2 year old babies, and you have decided which one to go for.

Getting a baby doll stroller for your little one will not only bring a smile to her face, but also help to nourish her imagination and sympathy. 

Of all the best baby doll stroller for 2 year old babies that we have put together, your next task is made simple. You just need to make the move.

If you have another option in your mind, please share it with us so that we can all benefit from it too.

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