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April 15, 2021

Best Potty Training Seat For 18 Month Old – Lockig Potty Review

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Best Potty Training Seat For 18 Month Old – Lockig Potty Review

Many children are ready for potty training when they are 18 month old. 

A baby who is independent at a young age will have more sense and responsibility when growing up. Practicing your child to go to the toilet when needed is the very first lesson about independence training. This also helps him/her stay healthy against pathogens from poor quality diapers.

The golden question is, what is the best potty training seat for 18 month old? 

We know this is not easy, especially for first-time parents. Today, let’s take a look at our Lockig potty review - a new brand of the potty that is designed for children from 12 month old and up, to see whether it is worth trying.

Ready? Let's dive in.

How To Find The Best Potty Training Seat For 18 Month Old 

Best Potty Training Seat For 18 Month Old – Lockig Potty Review

First of all, let's learn about some of the criteria parents need to pay attention to when buying a potty product. You should refer to these things to choose a good potty for your baby.

Safe material

We have to admit that most potty types today are made of plastic.  However, not all types of plastic are the same. You should prioritize products made of high-quality plastic that does not contain harmful substances.  

Refrain from buying plastic products that are too thin, poor quality, or have a bad smell of plastic that has not been thoroughly treated. These are all toxic products for baby skin.

The size

Don't buy a small potty just to save a few bucks. The improper potty size will make the baby feel uncomfortable when going to the toilet. Moreover, he can also contaminate the outside as the potty can not satisfy his demand. Then, your product is not only not economical but also not good for your baby. Such a waste!


The choice of potty color and design depends largely on your child's preferences. This preference will vary from gender to gender. If you are buying products for girls, choose warm colors and lovely designs. As for boys, prioritize strong color pots with funny designs like a lion or a superman. Only when your baby really likes the product can it be used on a daily basis.


Depending on the age that the baby potty will have different designs.  For toddlers, potty chairs with armrests will be a safe choice, while older babies will find potty seats the best fit.  

Parents should consider safety factors such as the ability to adhere to the pot base floor, pot backrest, or slippery level to minimize the prospect of a child falling, causing danger to the child when using a potty.

About IKEA brand

In Europe, IKEA is well known as an interior company with products for the general population.  "Design for Masses" is the philosophy that the company pursues.  With this principle, IKEA products are compatible with the living space of the masses.  

At its store, you can find furniture and household products with simple yet sophisticated designs, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics. You can take a look at things IKEA has for sales in here.

Even traditional IKEA products like a bookshelf can be harmoniously placed in modern living spaces.

IKEA believes that its mission is not only to do business but also to help the less fortunate, creating a better life for everyone. The achievements that the company achieved in nearly 70 years of operation have partly proved that.

With the current growth rate, IKEA is expected to continue to be the number one name in the retail furniture market, continuing to shape many customers' lifestyles around the world.

Referring to IKEA products, it would be such a big mistake to ignore Lockig. What makes this product so popular and well trusted? Let's dive in our Lockig potty review.

Lockig Potty Review - Is It Worth The Money?

Quick Review

What we like

  • Neatly designed
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for children 12 months and older
  • Safe plastic material for babies
  • With anti-slip parts
  • Easy to clean
  • Recyclable material
  • Good price

What we don't like

  • Less-varied colors
  • Not very durable


Lockig potty gains trust and love from many parents because of its solid, convenient design and cute shape.  Lockig's baby cleaning pot is a sidekick that assists your baby to go to the toilet more easily, thereby helping him learn to be independent and form good habits.

The design of the product is like a very cute miniature toilet. On the potty body, there are funny patterns that leave a deep impression on the baby at first sight. Therefore, it will not be difficult for your baby to get used to the first time using the potty.

Designed in a very modern style, Lockig makes a strong visual impression by the chair curves to the baby's body curve, providing maximum comfort when using.

This potty design has two side armrests to help the baby sit firmly on the potty and make it easier to use the toilet. In addition, it is also equipped with a handy lid, giving the baby the feeling of using the toilet for an adult.


The safety of a potty is one factor we cannot ignore. With Lockig potty, you can rest assured about this. The product is made from high-quality European PP plastic and does not contain toxins that can harm your baby's sensitive skin. In addition, the compact and lightweight handle will help the baby easily hold, limiting unsteady sitting or falling when using the potty.

Moreover, the plastic material of this product also comes with good adhesion resistance. This will be very convenient for the mother to clean the potty.  

At first glance, it is like other basic infant pots, but after using it for a while, you will love it right away because its cleaning process is so much easier.


If you are concerned about the size of the product and fear that it is cumbersome, then you can breathe a sigh of relief. Because this pot has ideal dimensions of 14 x 10 x 11 inches. This compact size makes the product easy to carry and store.  

Moreover, the size of the Lockig potty is suitable for the sitting physique of babies under 3 years old, so most babies feel comfortable while sitting on it.


When it comes to the diversity of color, the Lockig receives a minus point. Color seems to be a weakness of this product.  Lockig pot currently has only one white-green version on the market.  Therefore, you will not have many options.  However, this color is very harmonious with its design, giving it a feeling of elegance and courtesy.

Moreover, this color combination makes the product suitable for both boys and girls. The outstanding blue color will stimulate vision, helping children learn to distinguish colors better. I'm sure your kids will love this product.


What age is appropriate to use the Lockig potty?

The Lockig potty is suitable for children from 12 months old.  

However, it is hard to say when is the right time for your baby to use.  Some babies go to the toilet by themselves at 12 months, but some children do this when they are 2 years old or even older.

So, as soon as the baby shows signs of ready to go to the toilet alone, it is a good time for them to use the Lockig potty.

How should you instruct your child to go to the toilet with a Lockig potty?

To properly guide your baby to go to the toilet with a Lockig potty, you should:

  • Place the Lockig potty in the baby room or the nearest bathroom.
  • The first few days, let the baby sit on the potty. In the meantime, talk about interesting things about using the toilet.  Then, take off the baby's diaper, change diapers while the baby is potty.  Pour diaper waste into the potty so your child understands what it means to use a potty.
  • Remind your baby to use the potty when needed.
  • In the process of letting your baby get used to going to the toilet using a potty, do not forget to praise and encourage them!

Final Words

Above is the information about the Lockig potty review that we want to share with you.  With its outstanding advantages, this product will help your baby learn how to use a potty and gradually get used to using the toilet.

Helping the baby to use the toilet in the right place at the right time is always an arduous battle for parents. But thanks to the support of Lockig potty with safe materials and colorful design, we will be much more reassured to see the baby voluntarily sitting on the potty.

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