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June 14, 2021

vibrations for baby crib

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In recent years, the vibrations for baby cribs have gradually become a product that appears a lot in families with children. Many parents are also quite wondering whether it is good to put their baby in a crib with a vibrating machine.

If you're curious to know the same thing, let's figure it out together!

What Are Vibrations For Baby Crib And Their Benefits? 

For families with babies, parents always try to keep their children in the most comfortable state. But babies are very easily upset and fussy because of external influences that sometimes parents cannot anticipate.

Today, there are many infant calming devices to help parents take better care of their kids, and among them, vibrations can be considered as the most effective and reasonable way. 

What are vibrations for baby crib? 

Vibrations are rhythmic movements, and babies have been exposed to them since before birth. 

Since the moment they are in the womb, babies have felt movement through their mother's gentle steps or the sound of blood vessels moving in their mom's body. So it can be said that the baby is "addicted" to vibrations. 

You can easily find that babies feel less stressed and fall asleep faster when stimulated by repetitive gentle movements such as when you pat their back or hear a rhythm of lullabies or car engines. All of those examples are vibrations.

Based on those insights, vibrations machines are manufactured with the aim of helping parents take care of their babies more conveniently.

The purpose of the vibrations for the baby crib is to be able to vibrate without external force, specially designed so that the baby can feel more comfortable and sleep better.

Most of these vibrating types are suitable for babies from two to twelve months old, designed to be compact, and safe for using.

What are benefits of vibrations for baby crib?

Currently, many families with young children have started to equip this product for their children because it has many useful effects.

Easier to sleep 

For children, sleeping on time is also quite important. When sleep is guaranteed, the body and brain of the baby will develop comprehensively and healthier. 

But if you do not know how to comfort your child, this will become very difficult for parents. 

Vibration machines with a gentle regular vibration will help your baby fall asleep easily, like being lulled in the mother's arms.

Promote all-around development 

Many scientific studies have proven that if children are exposed to rhythm from an early age, their brains will develop very well.

Therefore, a vibrating machine is not simply a sleep aid. They also help babies with brain development.

Improve anorexia 

Young children are often very anorexic and sometimes it makes you quite annoyed when you always have to try to force them to eat right and enough.

Thanks to the variety of different vibration frequencies, this device will support comfort and relaxation for babies, making it easier for you to feed your kids.

Create free time for mothers 

Taking care of children becomes easier than ever with the appearance of vibrations for the cribs. 

This product allows the baby to relax and sleep alone without adult supervision so that the mother will have more time to both take care of the baby and do household or personal stuff. 

How To Use Vibrations For Baby Crib Safely? 

Vibrations for a baby crib are considered a maximum support tool for mothers in taking care of their baby's daily deep sleep. 

However, make sure you use them safely and properly. As we mentioned in this articles, the Shaken baby syndrome is very dangerous if you rock your baby rigorously. Therefore, keep that in mind when finding the right vibrations for baby crib.

If you use vibration machines with extreme caution, they do a great help in assisting you taking care of your little one.

Finding quality vibrations for baby cribs in today's modern technology market is no big deal. You can very easily choose a product that suits your baby's preferences, space, or economic condition at stores or online for busy mothers.

Besides, vibrations for crib must ensure fashion, convenient features to save costs and efforts of parents to take care of the baby.

However, to use the vibration machines safely and effectively, besides assembling and using them according to the manufacturer's instructions, you need to pay attention to some factors.

  • Before letting your baby use a vibration machine, parents check all the details such as electrical parts, surface materials, the most reasonable machine placement, etc.
  • Besides, when turning on the automatic vibration function of the baby bassinet, parents need to pay attention to the baby's weight to adjust the appropriate level. 
  • Make sure you choose the right level of the vibrations machine to operate the crib smoothly, steadily, without jerks or strong rhythms to give your baby a good night's sleep.
  • Note that before putting the baby to sleep in a crib with a vibrations tool, especially the first time, parents should spend some moments cuddling and coaxing the baby until he feels comfortable, then let the baby inside. This way, your baby will slowly get used to the rhythm and it will be much easier for him to fall asleep.

What To Keep In Mind When Using Vibrations For Baby Crib?

A vibration machine for a baby crib is a type of tool specially designed for babies from birth to one year old. This is like an assistant to help the baby to rest and play, helping moms feel more secure when busy with housework.

The initial thing is that parents must choose the right product for their baby to use properly since it will give the baby a quiet, undisturbed sleep when sharing with parents.

First, check the safety level of the product. Safety is always the headmost priority when selecting anything to use for your baby. Therefore, the design and the material must be focused on. The material for the vibration machine is also something you need to be aware of. 

Choosing products that are made of high-quality materials, do not contain harmful chemical ingredients, and do not irritate babies when in direct contact with their skin.

When using it, you should pay attention to the rhythm options. It should be gentle, not too strong so that it will not affect the nervous system and the development of the baby's brain. 

There are many types of vibration machines on the market in different sizes, but we recommend that you choose to buy compact machines that can be taken anywhere in case you have to carry a baby in the car or go to the supermarket, you can still use it to let your baby feel relaxed.

What about cleaning the vibrations? 

Most baby vibration devices today are made from safe and easy-to-clean materials.

During use, mothers should regularly clean baby tools to create a clean, well-ventilated space to avoid respiratory diseases.

When cleaning, you need to avoid letting water get into the electrical parts of the crib. Remember to quickly drain, dry the crib, and absolutely do not let it get wet because it will rust or deform the materials.

After the cleaning step, dry or dry the product completely before putting it back into use.

Top Of Best Vibrations For Baby Crib

Parents should also be aware that adults are sleep deprived, but children also sometimes fall into this condition, although not much. 

At the same time, there are many cases where the babies cannot sleep, which will create discomfort for them. As a result, parents should focus on the critical indicators to learn how to help their babies sleep better.

Why should you choose a baby crib vibration machine? Because they have a rhythmic and regular automatic vibration function and can adjust the speed quickly and slowly according to the baby's wishes, helping children fall into a deep and complete sleep.

In this section, we will suggest a list of the best vibrations for baby cribs so that you can easily choose the right product for your baby's sleep.

Munchkin LullaVibe Vibrating Mattress Pad

This vibrating pad deserves to be an effective support tool in helping babies have a good and deep sleep. A machine is a portable tool, which is extremely convenient for you to take them anywhere.

To prepare your baby for sleep, turn it on to the right setting and tuck it under your baby's chair or bassinet. With a variety of vibration modes suitable for babies, it can help to put your baby to sleep longer.

The Munchkin LullaVibe Vibrating Mattress Pad has a battery life of up to 36 hours, so you can use it continuously if needed. 

The minus point of this product is that it makes a bit loud noise, especially at night and its cover is easy to get dirty, so you have to clean it regularly.

Baby Brezza Vibrating Pad

Baby Brezza Vibrating Pad is a smart vibrating pad that helps babies sleep better thanks to simulating the sounds and movements in the mother's body to help stimulate the baby's favorite reflexes when they are still in the womb. 

In addition, this machine can also be controlled by a smartphone based on the Bluetooth connection, which is extremely convenient for parents.

The device has four vibration levels and heart rate modes to help regulate and support the baby's sleep in terms of performance.

The machine has a timer mode from 15 minutes to continuous; you can freely choose the mode that suits your baby's needs.

Baby Brezza Vibrating Pad has the right size to fit the baby's crib, carpet, seat and be very compact to take anywhere.

With so many pros, the weakness of the Baby Brezza Vibrating Pad is that it is operated by AA batteries, which means that its use time is not extended so you have to change new batteries constantly.

White Noise Machines

In addition to Vibrations devices, white noise machines are also a suitable tool for supporting a baby's sleep. 

White noises (The sound of rain or waves crashing, the sound of a hairdryer, the sound of a stream flowing downstream, the sound of TV interference) are particularly soothing sounds that can cancel out background noises to help your baby fall asleep more peacefully. 

In fact, during the months of birth, babies are often very stressed and startled by their surroundings. There are many sounds, smells, and temperature fluctuations that create strange changes that will make the baby feel insecure. 

And that is also the cause of the baby's crying both at night and during the day.

Therefore, using familiar white noises similar to those in the womb environment will help the baby feel more peaceful, secure and happy.

The white noise machines are equipped with lullabies or sounds to mimic a mother's heartbeat to help babies sleep better next to the vibrating cribs. Choosing white noise for babies when lulling them to sleep is a way to help them fall asleep more smoothly and easily. 

Note that you should only use a white noise machine specifically designed for children instead of using sounds from smartphones because the frequency from electronic devices emitted at close range will affect children's brains.

Vibrations For Baby Crib - FAQ

Is it suitable for babies to use soothing vibration machines?

The soothing vibrations will convey a sense of tranquility to your baby's body, thus the answer is definitely yes. The delicate beats will make the baby feel hugged in a natural way, similar to a mother holding her baby and attempting to get him to sleep.

Soothing machines work in the same manner as vibration machines in that they relax your baby and help him fall asleep by easing any mood swings he may have during the night.

You can refer to soothing mạchines such as the Tranquilo Soothing Mat. With a rectangular design to fit baby's rugs, mattresses and cribs, the Tranquilo Soothing Mat is a premium product in the Soothing machines lines.

With advanced technology, this machine is not only equipped with vibration modes suitable for babies, it also has a mode to create white noise and fake sounds like when babies hear when they are inside the mother's womb, creating the most comfortable conditions and environment for them to fall asleep.

It's battery-powered and has a long-lasting capacity that ensures uninterrupted sleep, and it has a waterproof cover that's easy to remove for cleaning.

Is it good for newborns to use vibration machines?

Newborns are the ones who have struggled a lot to fall asleep with and are the most familiar with the natural vibrations in the mother's body. Gentle vibrations will be great in calming them down.

But that doesn't mean you should always use vibrations machines when putting your child to sleep as it might be hard to wean later.

Is it OK for a baby to sleep with vibration?

Although vibration is very good, you should not put your baby to sleep with it too long because shaking too much will affect the baby's nervous system and immature brain. 

In addition, you should put your baby in the crib with moderate movement because strong movement will affect the baby's cerebellum. 

The most important thing is to use a soft pad or mattress of vibration in the crib for your baby to stabilize the lying position and not cause spinal deformities affecting the baby's back.

Are vibrating cribs safe for babies?

The answer is yes. In recent years, vibrating cribs have gradually become a product that appears a lot in families with young children. 

Most vibrating cribs are compactly designed, have a safety belt, and use soft fabrics to create the most comfortable feeling for children when lying down. 

Some brands even design toys and the ability to play music to attract attention and create enjoyment for babies.

The advantage of a vibrating crib is that it is both equipped with a vibration device, a bed and other functions that are not only a sleep aid, but also as a "private space" to help children play alone, improving independence from a young age.

What are the limitations when using white noise to lull babies? 

Although there are many benefits to children's sleep from using white noise, it still has some drawbacks.

The abuse of white noise in luling children to sleep will limit the adaptive development of children, and even increase the risk of language disorders in children. 

Therefore, you should use a white noise generator that is at least 200cm away from the baby and adjust the sound accordingly when putting the baby to sleep.

In addition, using white noise is only a temporary solution to help children sleep better. So in the process of caring and raising children, parents need to pay attention to apply methods to lull their babies to sleep.


Vibration is formed in the baby's perception very early; it is an effect to help babies relax mentally and sleep better. Thanks to vibrations for baby cribs, parents now have an effective assistant for taking care of their children.

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