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October 6, 2022

baby jumpers cause bow legs

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All ages can experience bowed legs, which can have several different causes. Bow legs can be a medical issue that needs to be treated in some people, while it may be a distinct stage of growth in others.

However, what causes baby legs to bow? How do I stop my baby from being bow legged?

There are also many weird myths about bow legs, like letting a baby stand too early cause of leg bows or wearing diapers reason of leg bows. But do baby jumpers cause bow legs?

To ensure you understand baby bow legs, we will provide 3 common myths that every mom should know.

Do Baby Jumpers Cause Bow Legs?

baby jumpers cause bow legs

Well, the answer is no. It is just a myth that your youngster will get bowlegged by standing or bouncing on you. But the truth is every child experiences from legs bowing until they are two years old. When they get older, their legs will be getting slowly straight as adults.

Parents might notice that overweight children or kids knowing how to walk too early are likely to bow their legs. Is it true, and what are the reasons for it?

What Causes Baby Legs To Bow?

Many distinct factors can cause the development of bow legs. 

Physiologic genu varum, often known as bow legs, is their most typical cause. Your baby was in a constrained space while growing inside the uterus (womb). Some of your baby's bones had to spin inside your uterus to fit in the restricted area. Physically bow-legged children are a distinctive aspect of a child's growth and development.

However, bending could worsen when a youngster learns to walk before getting better. Children that begin walking earlier have a more pronounced bend.

By age 3 or 4, the outward bending of the legs usually corrects itself in children. Even appear to be bent inward (knock-knees). By age 7 or 8, the legs typically become more erect.

When Is It Abnormal And When Is It Normal For A Baby's Legs To Look Bowed?

Physical genu varum refers to your child's normal developmental process. If your child's legs still are not getting straight when they are two, there can be another cause. These consist of the following:

baby jumpers cause bow legs
  • Blount's illness (tibia vara), a growth disorder, is brought on by a problem with your child's shin bone growth plate. African American children, overweight children, and early walkers are more likely to have Blount's disease.
  • Lack of calcium or vitamin D is the cause of rickets. Your child's legs will bow because they lack these vital nutrients, which soften and weaken their bones. Although rickets is uncommon in the United States, they are still common in underdeveloped nations.
  • Dwarfism, a disease of bone growth, is the main contributor to the most prevalent form of dwarfism. This condition may result in bow legs.
  • Bow legs can result from improperly healed fractures and faulty bone development (bone dysplasia). Lead or fluoride toxicity

3 Common Myths About Bow-Legged Babies

Your grandmothers or moms might tell you many suspicious myths about infant bow legs. I will bust all old wives' tales; you do not have to worry about kids' development.

These are three common myths that you have heard someone around you beat around the bush.

Myth number one: All babies are bow-legged

baby jumpers cause bow legs

Yes, most infants have at least some degree of bending in their legs, although there is no exact data on the subject. Although some babies may have it more than others, a physical trait that practically all parents notice in their child and one that they may expect them to outgrow in time.

Myth number two: Let the baby stand too early can cause bow legs

baby jumpers cause bow legs

This myth is entirely untrue. Allowing your child to stand or bounce is entertaining and stimulating for their development because tiny babies learn how to bear weight on their legs and locate their center of gravity.

Myth number three: Wear diapers and carry a kid on one hip cause bow leg

It is incorrect to believe that using diapers or carrying a child on one hip will result in a bowleg. A child must have a bowleg from birth; typical symptoms will disappear or improve as they age. However, as it will produce better benefits, severe bowleg needs to be adequately treated from a young age.

Can A Baby Become Bow-Legged From Standing Too Young?

In short, no. 

No amount of walking or standing will induce bowed legs. However, as your child exerts a greater force on their legs due to these activities, the turning may get a little worse. 

Do not panic; while children who walk early could have more pronounced bending, the problem often gets better as the baby steps and gains weight.

How Do I Stop My Baby From Being Bow-Legged?

There is no way to stop your child's legs from bowing. However, you might be able to avoid several conditions that result in bow legs. Ensure your youngster consumes enough calcium and vitamin D in their diet to prevent rickets.

Can Baby Walkers Cause Bow Legs?

Nope! Baby walkers do not reason for bow legs because the baby often leans forward from the hip in a walker. Most kids use walkers, so they do not have to maintain their balance. Also, the walker will stop the infant from falling, whether she leans to the side or forward.

When Should I Worry About Bowed Legs?

baby jumpers cause bow legs

According to the Northshore University Health System, you should contact a doctor if your child has one of these symptoms. 

  • Over the age of 3
  • Severe or progressively worse
  • Associated with a history of bow legs in the family or an unusual diet (e.g., not consuming milk or dairy)

It is crucial to prescribing medication on time. If treatment for vitamin D insufficiency in rickets gets initiated before a significant deformity has formed, bowed legs will resolve. Surgery may not be necessary if treatment for Blount's disease begins before age three to four. Parents should consider having kids undergo surgery if they are older with bowed legs, but it is better to have it done now than later when the deformity worsens.

There are two main surgical procedures used to treat bent legs:

  • With guided growth, a small metal plate and screws or a single screw are inserted at the growth plate to restrain the expansion. Guided growth is a straightforward outpatient surgery. The leg will gradually get straighter in the opposing direction.
  • Osteotomy involves an operation that straightens a bent leg by dividing and realigning the bone. The bone secures with either an external frame or an internal plate and screws. Osteotomy is necessary for guided growth to succeed in extreme situations or those with no remaining change.


This part is for curiosity moms who want to know more about genu varum. We are always here to answer your tricky questions.

baby jumpers cause bow legs

What muscles in genu varum are weak?

More specifically, the vastus lateralis was weak in the genu varum group, while the vastus medialis was weak in the genu valgum group. The vastus medialis was also more active in the genu valgum group at 60 degrees knee flexion.

How is genu varum determined?

With a goniometer, you are measuring the distance between the medial maleolli with the knee almost touching the lateral side of the thigh-leg to determine the degree of genu valgum. If genu requrvatum is present, the degree of deformity appears to worsen.

Genu valgum: Is it hurtful?

Genu valgum in children typically disappears without therapy because it is mild, familiar, and generally causes no complications. However, some people may experience knee pain and difficulty walking. Numerous exercises might help those who are uncomfortable with genu valgum correct it.

What does physiologic genu varum mean?

The difference between physiologic bowing and pathologic bowing is a complete medical history and examination are required. Most details are revealed by how someone appears when walking and standing. A gradual bowing of the entire leg characterizes physiological bowing; neither the femur nor the tibia is the focus.

Does back pain result from bow legs?

However, this seemingly unimportant disease can negatively affect your health over time, particularly when it comes to back discomfort. Due to inadequate support, bow legs may eventually cause degenerative spinal problems.

Can bowed legs cause hip problems?

baby jumpers cause bow legs

The younger youngster usually does not feel any pain from their bowed legs. However, due to the unnatural force the curved legs place on the hips, knees, and ankles during adolescence, continuous bowing can cause discomfort in these joints.

Are runners with bow legs quicker?

As they transition from one foot to the next, those with bent legs have knees that whip inward. They advance and run more quickly thanks to this inward knee movement.

How can you recognize a bow-legged person?

Bowlegs is typically evident when a youngster stands with straight legs and toes pointed forward. The posture of your child's legs, knees, and ankles and the distance between their knees can help the doctor assess the severity of bowlegs in your child.

Why are football players' legs bow-legged?

Kicking a ball causes the muscles on the inside of your legs to become stronger asymmetrically, and overloading one side of the knee affects the angle of the top of the shin bone as it grows, resulting in bow-legged alignment.

Does bow leg surgery work?

After the correction, healing will take three months. The surgery was successful.

How much time does bow legs recovery take?

A gradual correction may take six to twelve months. After the treatment, the infant will be able to walk immediately. Braces and casts are not required. An adjustable frame uses to straighten the legs progressively.

How are bow legs fixed in adults?

Your muscles and bones will become stronger with exercise, stretching, strengthening, physical therapy, and vitamins, but the shape of the bones will not change. The only fundamental technique to alter the shape of the legs is to break and straighten the bone. 

Is it possible to straighten bow legs without surgery?

It is a misconception to think that people can treat bowlegs non-surgically. A structural variation from the normal alignment of the bones is the varas deformity around the knee. Your muscles and bones will become stronger with exercise, stretching, strengthening, physical therapy, and vitamins, but the shape of the bones will not change.

Can I squat with bow legs?

Squats are safe to perform even if your legs are bent. If you are fatigued, keep your composure and do not push yourself. You can continue as long as you maintain perfect form.

do baby jumpers cause bow legs


By the age of three, bow legs should be correct properly. A doctor may detect an underlying issue, such as rickets or Blount's disease, when the legs do not gradually start to correct.

Baby jumpers do not cause bow legs. Physiologic genu varum often happens when children are in a constrained space while growing inside the womb.

And after reading 3 common myths busted, you will not have to worry about bow legs anymore because it is just a part of growing up. Mommies should ensure that every source you read is scientifically proven and do not trust old wives' tales.

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