Tools I Use

Moming (aka, being a mom) is the hardest but also most enjoyable work.

What's more fun than watching your little babies grow up every single day, and what's more stressful than worrying that you are literally spoiling them. 

It is the most meaningful and the longest journey, and I'm sure you don't want to waste any precious moment. You want to record every single moment you have with them.

Isn't that why your phones are full of their pictures and videos?

For some moms, instead of only looking back at thousands of pictures and videos, they also document their journey and allow other people to watch. Including me.

That's the primary reason that I created this little website, as an online diary for my moming life.

If you want to do the same, and are wondering how I created this website, here's the list of tools that I use.

Know that I'm not tech savvy at all, have no knowledge about coding and any website complicated stuff, so I tried to simplify things as much as I could.

If I can create a website like this with these tools, I'm sure you can too.


Web hosting

You need a reliable web hosting to keep your site. There are many web hosting companies out there, and I personally used 2 of them.

The more affordable option: Bluehost.

I was 80% happy with Bluehost, but after my term expired, I want an alternative.

That's when I chose: Siteground. They make my website fast, less plugins needed and they have excellent customer support.

Email marketing

I am using Aweber to collect your emails and also sending newsletters.

Setting up the website

I recommend using Thrive Theme Builder. The new tool that helps you to create stunning websites in less than a day.

Honestly, I created my site completely based on Thrive Theme Builder suggestion, and I barely made some changes. So, thanks a lot Thrive Theme Builder.

With Thrive Theme Builder, I don't have to download and install so many other plugins (which can slow down my site), while still giving my site a neat look.

Internal link builder

I didn't think I would need this, but building internal links for a website with a lot of content is a pain in the booty.

And as I don't intend to abandon this website (as I have done with my previous websites, like Live a Worthy Life), I purchased Link Whisper. It helps building internal links with some clicks. 

Keyword research

I am using Longtailpro. There are many other good keyword tools out there, but right now Longtailpro is working well for me.

And it is very affordable for a tight-budget mom like me.

Create infographic and stunning images

Ok let's be honest.

There are free tools out there that you can use without buying into anything, especially with some Photoshop techniques (which I tried to learn several times but failed pathetically), you can create incredible graphics.

But I'm not that kind of person, who can spend hours on Photoshop. Or at least, not just yet.

So I bought Canva. Affordable, easy to use.

No training, but everything is done beautifully.

Final thought

As my website and business grows, I'm sure I will need additional support from other tools and I will keep updating this page.

So if you want to mimic what I do, come back often to check out all the tools that I recommend.

If I can do it, you can do it too.

You've got this mama. Or papa. Or anyone.