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March 27, 2021

best nursing pillow for large breasts

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Motherhood is an emotional ride coaster with a lot of lessons to learn. We don't have a manual that tells us everything we need to know about caring for a new family member. Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to form a loving bond with your child. Breastfeeding is one of the most difficult things for new mothers to master. In those early days and sleepless nights, engorged breasts, sore nipples, and frustration are all part of the deal. 

Some things can be done to make the process easier and even enjoyable for both mother and child. A nursing pillow is one of them. Having a nursing pillow on hand can help you get the arm and body support you need while breastfeeding.

But mothers with larger breasts complain that standard breastfeeding pillows do not fit them. Because the opening is too small. So, we've compiled a list of the best nursing pillows for large breasts so you can make the best decision for yourself and your new baby.

Benefits Of Nursing Pillow

Nursing pillows, unlike ordinary pillows, provide a great deal of comfort and support to both the mother and the baby during breastfeeding sessions. When compared to those who do not use such pillows, having the right pillow will make nursing a lot easier for you.

Investing in the best nursing pillow for large breasts can ease the soreness and strains that most mothers experience while breastfeeding their children. Don't sacrifice your comfort for the sake of the baby's safety. High-quality pillows are comfortable for both the mother and the child
  • Brings your baby closer to your body, reducing the amount of effort required to lift the baby.
  • You can breastfeed your baby for a long time without experiencing any discomfort or strain on your back, shoulders, or neck.
  • If you had a C-section, having a pillow like this will help relieve pressure on the area where the surgery was performed.
  • Prevents the baby from falling off the nursing surface.
  • Allows the baby to latch in the proper position.
  • When your baby is older, it can also be used for tummy and propping time.

Our Top Picks For The Best Nursing Pillow For Large Breasts


Baby Breastfeeding Nursing Pillow and Positioner


Boppy Original Nursing Pillow and Positioner

The 5 Best Nursing Pillow For Large Breasts

The list includes different best nursing pillows for large breasts of a wide price range so that you can pick the right one according to your budget. While ensuring the prime aspects of having a nursing pillow.

1. My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow

Mothers with large breasts struggle to find a comfortable sitting position while nursing a baby. My Brest Friend introduces this nursing pillow to ease such disruption. This is the best nursing pillow for large breasts you can buy to make breastfeeding much more comfortable. By improving posture, both the mother and the baby will be much more comfortable. And everything will flow much more smoothly.

This product comes from a company that produces high-quality maternity and baby products that are well-liked by mothers. It is one of the best pillows by those who have used it. Because it can help not only the baby but also the mother, who can use it to sleep during and after pregnancy.

The pillow's shape and size will encircle your body and allow you to feed the baby while sitting comfortably. You don't need to exert any effort to support the baby; the pillow is more than capable of doing so. Aside from your back, the pillow supports your arms and elbows while breastfeeding, reducing stress in these areas. Because of using this nursing pillow, you will no longer have to suffer from back pain, shoulder pain, or straining on the neck and arms.

The pillow is made of 100 percent cotton, which is gentle on your baby's sensitive skin and won't cause an allergic reaction. The pillow's filling is excellent. Because it adapts to the body without losing firmness while also keeping heat, which is ideal for a newborn baby. There's also a handy pouch where you can keep some maternity supplies and access them. When it comes to selecting the best nursing pillow for large breasts, this is the very first name that pop out in my head.

What we like

  • Made of pure cotton
  • Comfortable for the mother
  • Back, arm, and elbow support are comfortable.
  • Reduces stress and strain issues
  • Allows the baby to nurse without slipping
  • It's available in a variety of cute prints.

What we don't like

  • For the baby, the pillow is a little stiff
  • The fabric on the cover is rough
  • Because there is only foam inside the cover, it is impossible to clean. 

2. Boppy Original Nursing Pillow and Positioner

This nursing pillow from Boppy Original meets the need for a nursing pillow that the baby can use for up to 12 months regardless of his or her development. This one provides comfort for both the mother and the baby. It is ideal for breastfeeding with large, heavy breasts without strain or soreness.

The pillow can be used for your newborn baby who is on his or her propping, tummy, sitting, or attempting to stand. As a result, it'll be the only pillow you'll need for the first year of nursing your baby. 

Boppy makes it possible for the mother to sit comfortably. You'll be able to sit without straining your arms or shoulders. Whether you're breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, the pillow will help you sit in the best viable position for your body's health.

The pillow has a middle stretching panel that easily adjusts to most waist sizes. You will not have any problems with it. The pillow cover is machine washable, so you won't have to exert much effort in getting it clean. You can easily remove the slipcover thanks to its easy-to-use zipper. Because the slipcover is water-resistant, it will absorb fewer stains, spills, and other messes.

What we like

  • The material is both soft and firm.
  • Can be used for the first year
  • The slipcover is simple to remove and clean.
  • Most waist sizes are accommodated.
  • Provides a comfortable nursing posture

What we don't like

  • Made of a cotton-blend fabric
  • It is not recommended for newborn babies.

3. The Nesting Pillow

For your newborn baby's sensitive skin, you always want to make sure it conducts nothing that could cause irritation or an allergic reaction. Blessed Nest appears to be aware of this, as evidenced by creating this nursing pillow made of cotton. Even if your baby has sensitive skin, you can rely on the cotton quality.

You can shift the materials inside the pillow which is filled with organic buckwheat hulls, like a beanbag, to find the perfect and comfortable position for you and your baby. The hulls inside the pillow will form a shape to conform to your body and hold the position for as long as you want if you apply slight pressure.

As a result, you can use it as a nursing pillow in bed. When you aren't nursing the baby, you can use it for sleeping, knitting, reading books, and other activities.

The pillow allows for enough air circulation to keep you and your baby comfortable during long nursing sessions. The pillow is extremely supportive during all stages of caregiving, including breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, tummy-time, and others. Its slipcover is machine-washable, which makes cleaning a breeze. As a result, you can easily wash it whenever you need to.

What we like

  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Mother and baby will be at ease and supported.
  • It's possible to reposition it for support.
  • Applicable for other purposes
  • Easy to clean slipcover

What we don't like

  • Expensive option

4. Baby Breastfeeding Nursing Pillow and Positioner

It's difficult to feed a newborn baby, especially if the mother is a new mother. If you don't have excellent support, the posture that your body must adapt to breastfeed correctly is uncomfortable. Because your back may hurt, and the arm that supports the baby may become tired.

Having the best nursing pillow for large breasts is extremely beneficial. It allows the mother to feed her baby while sitting comfortably, and it makes breastfeeding easier for her.

The baby can continue to use the pillow once he drinks from the bottle, and then he can use it to sleep. So the pillow’s use is never-ending, making it a worthwhile investment.

The Miracle Baby pillow is available in a variety of styles. This pillow is 13.2 x 12 x 5 inches in size, which makes it quite comfortable because it covers a large area. Even though there are larger and more robust pillows. 

The Miracle Baby's pillow includes a small integrated pillow that is designed to support the baby's head. It's a smaller pillow that can adapt to the baby's needs more comfortably. The weight of this pillow is 1.32 pounds, making it ideal for transport.

What we like

  • Can be easily removed and washed
  • Inexpensive option

What we don't like

  • The small pad that comes with the nursing pillow can't be taken out
  • It loses its original shape and consistency over time

5. Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow and Positioner

Boppy has introduced a nursing pillow in the shape of a horseshoe or crescent, which is ideal for breastfeeding babies. It can also support the mother or the baby when she is resting. 

This pillow has an ergonomic design that easily adapts to the mother's contour, making it simple to position the baby in front of the breast to be breastfed. This device is not required for breastfeeding. But it aids the process by allowing the mother to remain comfortably in the same position and thus avoid back pain.

The breastfeeding pillow also provides comfort to the baby by allowing him to curl up to eat. It also gives his mother more mobility by allowing her to use one or both hands. 

This pillow is versatile, and you can use it until the baby no longer requires breastfeeding. The filling does not lose its consistency over time because of its high quality. So you will have a soft pillow for a long time.

What we like

  • Being positive ratings
  • The versatility is highlighted
  • Easily used in lactation
  • Machine-washable slipcovers
  • Fits most waists

What we don't like

  • Too soft
  • Flattens easily
  • Lacks a strap
  • Couldn’t position baby correctly

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a breastfeeding pillow?

To be honest, a breastfeeding pillow isn't a must-have item, but many breastfeeding moms appreciate having one on hand for feedings. Breastfeeding pillows allow us to comfortably position the baby on the breast, allowing them to drink milk more comfortably. This also frees up one or both hands for the mother to attend to other matters while the baby eats, or you may simply be more comfortable.

As a result, it is a very useful tool that prevents the baby from drowning because of reflux and other factors. Once the baby no longer requires a bottle, this pillow can be used for comfort or saved for when you have another infant.

What is the best nursing pillow?

The best nursing pillow for you can help you save your back and shoulders, relax. And get your milk flowing while also keeping your baby comfortable. Even if your baby prefers a bottle to the breast, a feeding pillow can help you cradle your baby in a comfortable position so your arms aren't overworked.

When should I use a nursing pillow?

These pillows are ideal for first-time mothers, but a woman with prior experience can also use this tool to make the process more comfortable. Because this pillow aids in the lactation process, it is recommended that all women use it.

Is it OK to lean back while breastfeeding?

The answer is yes. Your hands were free to stroke and admire your baby when you reclined backward, relaxing your back and neck, tilting your pelvis forward. And allowing gravity to hold your baby to your chest and abdomen. Your hands aren't tensely holding a feeding position. When all of those instinctual feeding behaviors are used to facilitate latch, you report nipple pain is relieved immediately. Leaning back while breastfeeding allows the baby to become a more active participant in the feeding process

Is it OK to let the baby sleep on a nursing pillow?

The U.S. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a warning to parents not to allow their children to sleep on nursing pillows. Because sleeping with a nursing pillow poses a risk to babies.

Nursing pillows aren't made for sleeping and aren't safe to use while sleeping. Using a nursing pillow has been linked to several infant deaths. Every year, nearly 1,000 infants suffocate in their sleep, according to the agency. They advise parents to "Bare is Best for an infant's sleeping environment."

Is side-lying breastfeeding dangerous?

No, that is not the case. When you breastfeed in a side-lying position, you lie sideways while the baby faces you and also lies sideways. Place the baby's head near your breast so that he or she can latch on more easily. If the baby appears to be irritated by the flow of milk, many new mothers find this position to be beneficial. If you have large breasts, reclining can make it easier to feed the baby.

Final words

Nursing pillows are always readily available on the market. Lactating mothers require extra support or lift for their babies, and these specialized pillows are ideal. However, not all nursing pillows on the market are safe for both the mother and her child. 

Investing in the best nursing pillow for large breasts can ease the soreness and strains that most mothers experience while breastfeeding their children. Don't sacrifice your comfort for the sake of the baby's safety. High-quality pillows are comfortable for both the mother and the child.

best nursing pollow for large breasts

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