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August 21, 2022

can you use dryer sheets on baby clothes

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Babies are very easy to dirty clothes when playing or make food stick when eating. Therefore,  parents often use bleach to clean their baby's clothes. 

However, babies have very sensitive skin, often easily irritated by the surrounding environment and weather or objects that come into direct contact with their skin, especially children's clothes. 

It is undeniable that bleach is helpful for laundry, but it can also have several adverse effects on your baby's skin and health. So, should parents use bleaching or drying on children's clothes? Is Oxiclean detergent harmful to my baby? This article will answer parents' questions about bleaching and drying baby clothes!

Bleaching Baby Clothes: How To Remove Baby Stains

Children's skin is very sensitive, so parents need to choose safe, benign bleaches to protect their baby's skin. Besides, parents need to properly bleach the baby’s clothes not to affect the baby's skin and health. 

Removing baby stains from baby clothes

can you use dryer sheets on baby clothes

The products used to bleach baby clothes need to be safe and gentle so as not to affect the baby, especially those with sensitive skin. Some substances can be used as Enzymes - Enzyme ingredients help remove stains on clothes without much effect on the baby's skin.

In addition, mothers should use some ways to remove stained clothes at home with safe and easy-to-find ingredients such as lemon, white vinegar, potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, etc. They will bring high efficiency without any problems harmful to human health.

To safely bleach baby's clothes, mom can try applying natural ingredients as follows:

Use fresh lemon solution: Fresh lemon has a miraculous bleaching and stain removal effect on clothes. Just rub a piece of fresh lemon directly on the stains, yellow stains on the baby's white clothes, and then wash it with soap to return the bright white look to the baby's clothes. 

Or the mother can also mix fresh lemon juice with the baby's laundry detergent to wash it, which helps keep the clothes white and clean as new; the smell of lemon is also pleased to help the baby relax.

can you use dryer sheets on baby clothes

Use white rice vinegar: Vinegar is also acidic like lemon, effectively cleaning stains and making white baby clothes brighter. Vinegar also works to soften fabrics; baby clothes will also be very soft and easy to wear. 

Usage is also very simple and similar to using fresh lemon; for stains, pour vinegar directly on the stain for a while and rewash it or mix it with detergent to wash your baby's clothes.

can you use dryer sheets on baby clothes

Baking soda: Baking soda is another kitchen ingredient you can use to remove stains. This product has a very effective whitening effect and is very safe. Add a little baking soda to the washing powder and wash white baby clothes; the stain treatment will help your baby's clothes be whiter and softer.

Using hydrogen peroxide (3%): Not only does it have an antiseptic effect, but hydrogen peroxide can also clean clothes in simple ways. Hydrogen peroxide, the safest bleach, does not contain chlorine which is very safe for the delicate skin of babies.

Clean baby clothes with boiling water: Boiling water is also an excellent solution for yellowed clothes, vomit stains, etc. You can bleach your baby's clothes by putting your baby's clothes in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes. Then take it out, wash it with detergent, and let it dry.

Remove clothes for babies with potassium permanganate: Mothers can buy potassium permanganate at the grocery store. This method of bleaching baby clothes is more complicated than the above methods.

Mother will soak the child's clothes in water mixed with potassium permanganate. When washed, you will see a brown solution from the stain. Rest assured, this is not a color fading phenomenon but rather due to the combination of potassium permanganate and stains. 

Finally, soak the clothes in lemon juice and then wash them.

Clean baby clothes with potatoes: This method sounds strange because no one expected potatoes to be able to clean clothes for babies, right! This cleaning method is not complicated at all. You just need to boil potatoes with the skin, rub them on the stained area, and wash them with clean water to get unexpected results.

can you use dryer sheets on baby clothes

Can you use oxiclean on baby clothes? 

Oxiclean is a line of household cleaners. It is used in washing powders to clean all stains, even if they have been yellowed or imprinted for a long time. Just use oxiclean; all stains will be removed without fading clothes.

With its unique formula, Oxiclean is activated by water, which releases the oxygen energy that forms foam for safe and effective cleaning. Not only that, but Oxiclean can also increase the pH of washing water to improve its ability to clean stains thoroughly.

Unlike many other detergents, Oxiclean does not contain chlorine ingredients. Therefore, it is safe for the skin and does not irritate it. 

Although Oxiclean detergent works great in dealing with long-standing stains, if not used correctly, this substance can affect your baby's skin. Therefore, mothers should pay attention when using Oxiclean on baby's clothes as follows:

  • Let Oxiclean dissolve in water, then soak the dirty clothes for 1-6 hours;
  • Add a little Oxiclean detergent into the detergent slot, then put the soaked clothes and press the wash button;
  • Do not soak your baby's clothes for too long; it only takes 30-1 hour for normal stains;
  • For woolen, woolen blends, silks, leathers, or fabrics labeled dry clean, Oxiclean should not be used as it may damage the fabric.

There are different OxiClean products on the market, including detergents and sprays. The product most recommended for use on baby clothes is OxiClean Baby Stain Remover. It has a drum weighing 1.37kg and is suitable for all washing machines.

You should use it in the warmest water possible. Simply soak your clothes or add a scoop to each wash to increase your usual laundry detergent. This product is great for baby clothes, accessories, diapers, and bedding and removes even tough stains.

Can you use bleach on baby clothes?

can you use dryer sheets on baby clothes

Although bleach is an effective tool for bleaching clothes, you should limit the use of bleach because it affects the baby's skin. They can cause skin irritation, burning, itching, and inflammation. The smell of toxic bleach can also affect the lungs of the mother and baby.

If you need a detergent, you should use a detergent with natural, safe and benign ingredients for your baby. Avoid using strong detergents such as Javel, Zonrox, or Hygiene Laundry Bleach. 

Removing baby stains from carpet and mattress

can you use dryer sheets on baby clothes

Unlike everyday clothes that are relatively easy to wash, for stains on the mattress, parents need to apply more specialized measures to clean and protect the life of the mattress.

To avoid using detergent, parents can use a mixture of soap solution and a little bleach solution. Then use a towel dipped in the solution and scrub the stain. Bleach often has an unpleasant smell, so after removing the stain, you can spray a bit of diluted essential oil to create a natural fragrance for the room.

The second way is to use a baking soda solution to remove the stain. The process is similar to soap solution. You use a towel dipped in the solution or a spray bottle to spray the baking soda solution on the stained mattress, then use a clean towel to wipe it again.

Drying Baby Clothes: What Can You Use

Drying children's clothes is also essential for mothers to pay attention to. To dry baby clothes safely and without affecting your baby's sensitive skin, you need to dry them properly as follows:

Can you use fabric softener on baby clothes? 

can you use dryer sheets on baby clothes

Parents should avoid fabric softeners. Like detergents, the chemicals in these products can easily irritate babies' sensitive skin. Softening and antistatic chemicals deposited on clothing can irritate babies' sensitive skin. If you want to ease your child's clothes, consider a natural alternative like dryer balls, baking soda, or vinegar.

Can you use dryer sheets on baby clothes? 

Dryer sheets can irritate children's skin and their eyes or nose and even lead to a sore throat. Usually, the perfumes and dyes in the dryer sheets will create irritation. Therefore, mom should avoid using these things on baby clothes. 

Other notes when drying baby clothes

Some important notes for mothers when drying baby's clothes:

Check clothing labels

Your child's clothes almost always have washing and drying instructions on the clothing tag/label. That's the best way to know you're using all the proper wash and drying settings for the material to prevent shrinking, discoloration, or damage.

By checking the manufacturer's instructions in advance, you will know how to take better care of them and especially be able to answer the exact question: Can I put baby clothes like baby clothes in the dryer? Usually, it will say "tumble dry low," which means just putting it in the dryer on low heat instead of drying it.

Drying temperature

High heat drying isn't as beneficial as you might think, just right at best, except it's usually much faster. Especially when washing delicate materials (like a dress made of lace, mesh, sparkles, jewelry, etc., and especially baby clothes).

Drying on low heat is usually the safest setting for any baby's clothes to prevent stretch, damage, etc. If your dryer has a delicate set, that's perfect. ! Or else you can dry on low/normal heat, and then you can hang and air dry just to be on the safe side.

Some lines of safe dryers moms can refer to for babies:

Clothes dryer with square cabinet/hanger: This line has a drying rod suitable for families with the elderly and young children. Depending on the brand, the model will be different. 

However, this model mainly uses the static drying method to help dry clothes quickly, and at the same time, the high temperature helps to kill bacteria, fast dry, smell nice and protect children's clothes in the best way. The price of this line is also relatively affordable and suitable for all families.

Detachable clothes dryer: This is the most popular device and also the most loved by its function, capacity, and optimal drying efficiency, many preset modes, convenience to use. 

In particular, it will undoubtedly include a drying mode for children's clothes and a function to disinfect clothes. Then, you can rest assured to dry your baby's clothes without worrying about how to choose the heat, speed, and time.

can you use dryer sheets on baby clothes


Above is the sharing about bleach and drying clothes for babies and how to do it safely and effectively for babies. In short, a baby's skin is very sensitive and easily irritated. Therefore, parents must use bleach properly to protect the baby's skin and health. 

Parents can use healthy natural ingredients such as fresh lemon, white rice vinegar, baking soda, etc. Parents can also use Oxiclean but should use it properly. Use of bleach should be limited, and avoid using strong detergents such as Javel, Zonrox, or Hygiene Laundry Bleach.

Hopefully, the article will bring helpful knowledge to parents, helping them protect their baby's sensitive skin and health!

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