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May 17, 2021

best toddler electric car

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Finding the best toddler electric car that is worth your investment is a serious task. An electric car would be a perfect choice to make your kids excited and eager to play, so that they can stay away from TV or smart devices. These toy cars come to the market with many unique and eye-catching designs, outstanding color combinations, and fantastic features. 

But it is this diversity that leads to confusion for parents because they have a dilemma of not knowing which one to choose. 

If this predicament applies to you, then let our review of the best toddler electric car lend you a helping hand!

Here comes the list of the top 6 best toddler electric cars for your kids! Read on and make up your mind.

Best Toddler Electric Car - The Top 6 You Should Not Miss

Toddler's electric car Kid Trax Caterpillar Toddler Electric Ride On Toy is designed with a racing spirit. At first glance, you can notice that this car really looks like a real racing car, but with a smaller size to suit children.

This high-end sports electric car is considered the best sidekick for active little boys. The vehicle has a maximum payload of  60 pounds, perfect for toddlers from 3 to 5 years old.

Kid Trax Caterpillar comes to the market as a version of caterpillar bulldozers, promising to give your child the experience of a real racer.

Going further into its specs, this car is equipped with power trax rubber traction strip tires, ready to challenge any terrain. This mini car uses 6-volt batteries for speed 3-7km / h. Its wheels are made of premium rubber that is highly durable.

In addition, parents and children may fall in love with this car right off the bat because it is fully equipped with LED lights, horns, and authentic engines are also highlighted.

What we like

  • LED lights and lively horn sound, 
  • Premium rubber wheels

What we don't like

  • A bit complex to assemble

Kid Trax Caterpillar Toddler Electric Ride On Toy is really a true companion for your little boy. We appreciate the premium feel it offers. If you want to give your child a gift that ignites his passion for conquest, choose this product!

Licensed Mercedes-Benz S63  For Kids - Best Toddler Electric Car For Premium Design

You want your child to play freely but still give him a sense of luxury? Then don’t hesitate to go for 12 V Licensed Mercedes-Benz S63. 

You will definitely be overwhelmed by the alluring beauty this kid electric car has! With four colors red, pink, and black, 12 V Licensed Mercedes-Benz S63  really captures the eye of anyone who looks at it for the first time. 

The luxury of this car is also clearly demonstrated through its classy features. It is equipped with a touch screen LCD tablet on the control panel. This allows your child to be able to play some pieces of music, enjoy cartoons and discover new things around.

This electric vehicle is capable of traveling at a speed of 2-6 miles per hour. If you are concerned about the safety of the Moderno Kids Mercedes C36S while letting your child drive it, then let your hair down. This car facilitates parental controls with remote controls to enhance safety.

The electric car has all the comforts your child needs, including premium rubber tires, adjustable leather seats, an expandable seat space, and a seat belt.

A note to you is that this product will be best suited for toddlers between two months and six years of age and its weight limit is 65 pounds.

What we like

  • Luxury design
  • Premium amenities
  • Parental remote control

What we don't like

  • Quite expensive

Too great for an electric car for kids! Despite its high price, 12 V Licensed Mercedes-Benz S63  For Kids is really a worth-investing product. But if you are on a tight budget, then this would not be a smart investment.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford F150 Raptor - Best Toddler Electric Car For Learning To Drive

If your kids are between 36 months and five years old, and they're looking to learn how to drive themselves, this is a nice choice. 

Fisher-Price gains their reputation thanks to great educational value in every product they create, and this case applies very well to the Ford F150 Raptor Fisher-Price Power Wheel. This electric sports car works as a teacher who can help your little angels learn about the basics of driving.

Why is this car capable of this mission? 

The car has two speeds forward that move you up to 5 miles/h, and 2 miles/h is the measure for the reverse speed. 

Driving this vehicle, your toddlers can learn how to move forward and backward, get used to speed changing, steering, and they can handle it well when stopping. 

Thanks to these physical movements, children can develop motor skills, the ability to maintain balance and thereby have a healthy body.

Sports chrome wheels are one of the factors that contribute to this car's ruggedness. In addition, Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford F150 Raptor is equipped with a seat belt and cup holder. 

Besides, your toddlers will also enjoy immersing themselves in sound effects with dynamic sounds and live music on pretend radio.

Another great point that Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford F150 Raptor offers when it comes to security is the closed doors of the car. You can minimize the scenario of children opening the door while driving and falling out.

What we like

  • Great for learning
  • Suitable for first-time-driving toddlers
  • High security

What we don't like

  • You may need to flip the car for installment
  • The rear wheel may slip (in some cases)

We do recommend you buy this electric car from Fisher-Price because of the educational values it creates. However, the assembly process may take time, so take it into consideration.

Moderno Kids Kiddie Roadster - Best Toddler Electric Car For Battery

You will soon fall in love with this car because of its strong battery. Different from the other electric cars in this review, this battery only needs to charge from 1 to 5 hours and has a use time of one and a half hours. How amazing it is when most other cars can only operate for half an hour on a single charge!

4 miles / h is the maximum speed this car can achieve. This pace is just right enough for your toddlers to have a good experience. And like the 12 V Licensed Mercedes-Benz S63 , Moderno Kids Kiddie Roadster also comes with an included remote, which aids in parental control.

Besides featuring new electric brakes and a soft start for moderate acceleration, Moderno Kids Kiddie Roadster also comes equipped with leather seats with seat belts, LED operation lights, fog lights, and taillights.

However, the remote sensor position is under the car seat. But sadly it won't work if not visible. Some parents complained that they had to take the sensor out for some adjustments.

What we like

  • Strong battery
  • Included remote control

What we don't like

  • Inappropriate design of the sensor

Moderno Kids Kiddie Roadster wins our hearts due to its strong battery. We do not have to worry about the car running out of battery during the drive. If you do not mind the sensor problem, buy it now!

Rollplay 12V Nighthawk Electric Ride-On Toy- Best For Exotic Appearance

On our list of the best electric toddler car for toddlers today, Rollplay 12V Nighthawk Electric Ride-On Toy stands out for exotic looks.  It looks like a white stingray that children can ride to explore new lands in fairy tales. This car features supporting wheels that help it move across flat surfaces with ease. 

Unlike most vehicles for toddlers, Dune Racer has a top speed of up to 6 miles per hour. Thanks to the easy steer handlebars, when a child is behind the wheel, they can control it better. Parents have since been assured that the safety feature this electric car offers is quite good. It comes with a red safety flag so that parents can easily observe while children are driving

In addition, the Rollplay 12V Nighthawk captured the hearts of many by the unique steering technique as children can steer the vehicle by leaning into a bend. This vehicle’s durability is also appreciated as it can last for many years. 

What we like

  • Exotic looks
  • Red safety flag

What we don't like

  • Only suitable for children from 6 years old

All things considered, this car is still a nice option for outdoor fun! Make sure your kids are old enough to conquer this car!

12V Licensed BMW I8 Kids - Best For Price

The best electric cars for children sometimes cost you an arm and a leg, and you are not financially stable? Do not worry! BMW I8 Kids Ride On Car will come and save your day. 

Compared to the other cars on the list, this car can't get the upper hand when it comes to speeds because it only has a speed of three miles per hour. However, this speed is fine for girls and for young beginners.

This electric car is equipped with some pretty cute music features. With the MP3 player interface and USB port for mobile devices, kids can enjoy music freely while driving.

12V Licensed BMW I8 Kids is suitable for children from 3 to 7 years old, with a maximum weight of 66 pounds. With three basic colors black, white and red, we think that's enough to please the eyes of the toddlers. It also has cool features like active horns, waterproof tires, and seat belts for fun driving experiences.

What we like

  • Affordable
  • Music features

What we don't like

  • Not many features available

Overall, for a fairly affordable price, we can't ask for too many superb features from this car. If you are financially burdened, this is your savior!

Best Toddler Electric Car - Buying Guide

Children's electric car is a toy that every child wants to own and is classified as a high-end toy. Playing with an electric car will give babies moments of joyful experience and help them with physical training and thinking. 

With the current diverse market, this toy is no longer a luxury toy! You can easily find and buy one for your baby to play with. Consider the following factors before making a decision to find the best toddler electric car for your kiddo.

Design and color

best toddler electric car

The market for electric cars for children today is quite diverse with dozens of designs and styles. Many electric cars are simulations of famous brands such as Audi, Mercedes, Lamborghini, and BMW. 

As a result, you can easily choose a style that your child loves, and at the same time suit your baby's preferences, gender, and age.

The color of the car is also quite an important criterion. Parents need to choose a car with the right color for their child's gender. 

If you are a girl, you should choose cars with pink, red, purple, and white colors. And for boys, the blue color will bring out the boy's masculinity. In addition, there are some neutral colors like white, yellow, red that can be used for both girls and boys.


If you often leave your battery aside when choosing to buy electric toddlers for toddlers, then you are completely wrong. Most children's electric car products on the market today use batteries with a power source of 12V or 6V. 

Electric cars with a battery power of 6V usually travel from three to four km, suitable for traveling on flat, smooth surfaces such as yards, or parks. Families with children from 1-3 years old should use a 6V electric car to make it easier to observe the child.

On the other hand, electric vehicles with a battery power of 12V can have travel speeds of up to 7km. They move easily on poorly flat surfaces such as grass, stone, and gravel. As a result, for those who love sports cars, terrain, this car is suitable.

Extra features

When buying electric cars for toddlers, parents should also pay attention to the extra features that come with them to give the toddlers a more enjoyable experience.

Features horns, music, and car lights: Most electric cars sold on the market today are equipped with music features and lights on when moving to give your baby excitement. Depending on the model, the built-in horn and music are also different.

Some advanced features: Some electric cars are also equipped with advanced features such as storage trunks, self-driving or control mode, braking systems like modern cars.

Wrapping Up

Buying toys for your baby is also a way for parents to show their care and love for babies. Electric cars are evaluated as a kind of smart movement toy, reducing passivity in children, enhancing mobility, as well as stimulating intelligence.

We hope that you can find the best toddler electric car after reading this post. For us, we go for Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford F150 Raptor because of the educational values it brings. 

How about you? Let’s share with us.

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