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May 10, 2021

How To Remove Hair From Baby Walker Wheels

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The children's first steps always bring boundless happiness to parents because they mark a new stage of development. However, at the beginning, most babies will find it challenging to walk on their own. 

For more support, parents often choose a walker as a companion to their children. It works as a sidekick who helps the baby feel more confident taking histhe very first walks.

Nevertheless, besides the benefits that walkers bring, there are also many problems waiting for parents to confront, and hair getting stuck in the walker wheel is one of them. How to remove hair from baby walker wheels fast? How to escape from that nightmare?

Keep reading our post, and you will find out how.

How To Remove Hair From Baby Walker Wheels: How Does The Hair Get In There?

Before learning how to remove hair from baby walker wheels, let’s go a little further into the core of the problem: Why? Why is hair often stuck in the walker wheels in particular and other wheels in general?

The culprit behind this phenomenon is friction. The friction force is the force that obstructs the movement of one object compared to another, thereby generating static electricity, an unbalanced electric field phenomenon that occurs in objects using electricity. 

When the wheel is in motion, it will make direct contact with the underlying surface, such as the ground or the floor. Under this contact, friction is generated, causing the wheel and the objects it touches on the path to attract each other.

Hair loss is a common phenomenon, and hair is ubiquitous in our house. It is also lightweight enough to be sucked by the wheels. That is the reason why after letting your child use the baby walker for a while, you may notice the wheels full of hair.

How To Remove Hair From Baby Walker Wheels

Hair stuck in the walker is a headache for many parents. A walker usually comes with a metal cover on the wheel and can sometimes be difficult if you don't use force to open it. 

But if you apply too much force, part breakage may occur, and for sure, you will have to pay a large amount of money to fix it. Or worse, you have to buy another walker.

How to remove hair from baby walker wheels fast and effectively? Here are some methods you can apply to have hair-free wheels:

Open the wheels for easy cleaning

Some of the baby walkers on the market today come with removable wheels. If the walker you bought for your child has this feature, then congrats! 

Cleaning the wheels will be easier and less cluttered than ever. Now, find a conventional screwdriver and use it to remove the wheel. Some are really easy to remove and even you mommy can do it alone .

Take advantage of tweezers and the help of a butter knife

Prior to trying to remove the hair from your walker, it's a good idea to turn your walker upside down and place it on a flat surface like a table or the floor. This makes the wheels much more visible, and you can save a lot of effort when not having to lie on the floor.

Using a butter knife and tweezers is one of the most helpful ways to get rid of the stubborn hair that gets stuck in the wheels. The good part is that almost all families have these tools available right at their kitchens. 

All you need to do is stick the butter knife into the gaps on the sides and shake it around to make the trapped hair loose. After that, take advantage of the tweezer to get rid of each strand of hair. 

A useful tip for you is to take as many strands of hair as possible at once. This will prevent the hair from breaking, and you can avoid the disturbing situation when the hair multiplies into many duplicates, and you have to pick them over and over again.

Use duct tape

Duct tape can work magic when it comes to hair removal.

Just wrap a piece of duct tape around the wheel. Then, use stripping strength to help the hair fall out. Use a razor blade and make a few cuts to the inside of the wheel sheath to cut the stranded hair in half.


Lighter? Yes, that’s it; you did not hear it wrong! But don’t get us wrong, we don’t mean burning the baby walker with a lighter. As you can see, the main material that makes up today’s baby walker wheels is mainly plastic. 

However, this type of plastic is thick enough to resist some low-level heat. On the contrary, that heat is strong enough to deform the human hair.  

If you don't mind having to endure a terrible smell from burning, you can keep the flames inside the train wheel to burn the hairs until they contract and are easily removed. 

Remember that this is a method that requires extreme care from you because the risk of fire is very high. You should bring the walker outside and do it in well-ventilated conditions.

Maintenance After Hair Removal From The Baby Walker Wheels

You have successfully removed the hair from the walker wheel, but you want to do the best maintenance of the walker and minimize the chance of it getting stuck with hair again; using lubricant to lubricate the wheels is a good idea. 

You should prioritize lubricants whose long-acting, non-volatile ingredients remain on the applied surface, helping to lubricate and protect from moisture.

The Best Way To Maintain Your Walker

In the process of giving your baby a walker, you should do the cleaning to keep the walker like new and help your baby confidently learn how to walk without worrying about other health issues.

Cleaning the walker needs to be done regularly to keep it fresh and prevent the baby from being attacked by bacteria when using it. That is why, on a daily basis, you should use a soft cloth to wipe dirt from your baby's walker. 

Clean the entire wheel section to avoid dust particles and feathers falling. Adding mild detergent to the walker cleaning process is also a good idea.

Keep the wheels clean as this is in contact with the ground and they are usually the dirtiest place on the vehicle. In addition, remember to clean where your child touches the baby walker as well. 


Can I remove the hair from the baby walker wheels when wet?

Many parents think about washing the wheels and then getting rid of the hair stuck in them. But that's not the case. In fact, removing the hair from the wheels when wet is much more challenging. You had better remove the hair first and wash the wheels later.

What is the appropriate frequency for me to clean the wheels?

It is recommended that you should clean and maintain your wheels regularly as this is the best way to keep your wheels from clogging and free from dirt. The frequency we recommend is at least every two months, depending on how clean your home is and how well your walker is used.

Or, if you can, just do the cleaning on a daily basis for the best result.

Is using the lighter dangerous?

Yes, the truth is that: it is. So, we do recommend that you should try this method with care, no matter how effective it is!


This is the bottom line of our article on how to remove hair from baby walker wheels. A baby walker gives your baby the ability to be active. Instead of depending on their parents, babies can walk on their own. 

It also supports the baby to learn more interesting things to develop their motor skills. When walking or running with the walker, it is an exercise that your baby does to improve his health.

We hope that you will find the process of removing hair from the walker wheels easier after reading our post. Now you don't have to shrug your shoulders and give up when it comes to cleaning your baby's walker, it's time to grab that walker and give it a hell of a wash,

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